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The Doctor Did It!

by on December 22, 2012

Morning After

Oooh Jeni, it’s December twenty-first now…I can’t look! You’re braver than I am, do you want to poke your pretty pixel head out and see if the world is still there?

*steps outside and doesn’t utter a word, instead bursting into a fit of delighted cackling*

He did it! The Doctor did it! He saved the world AGAIN! Ah, I knew he would…but where did he go? Well, drat. Here we are, all dressed up with no timelord to impress.

You know, we could always hunt him down… tie him up… have our w… OH HEY LOOK! Shiny! *slides around on the ice* ANYWAYS, we could always just use all this glorious snow to celebrate this new day and make very own scrumptious snowtimelordgypsydemondragonman! Whatcha think? Can we can we hmmm? Or… we could go shopping.

The Doctor Did It

A snowtimelordgyp…oh my. My my my. Jeni, your mind works in mysterious ways and I think I like them! Sure, we can build whatever we want- seeing as how The Doctor proved those wacky Mayans wrong, I say we’re free and clear to do whatever we want now. And that includes frolicking in the snow in cute little dresses and sharp pointy boots!

You know, this gives me a most brilliant idea! *smiles and scoops up a delightful handful of snow, casually stuffing it down Naomi’s cute little dress* AND BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME… I had to do it, it was logical… and cold… I SWEARS!

HEY, LADY! No swearing, now- this is a viewer-friendly blog, remember? Now, hold still while I drop this icicle down the back of your dress.

Oh you better believe I’m being friendly to the viewers, especially that scrumptious Dale… who may or may not have paid me to stuff snow down your dress. *turns and willingly offers up her back* You just want a good peek at the perfection that is my arse, I know how you think.

Ah, you know me SNOW well, my dear! What do you say we get to creating that snowdude now?

Yes, first we snow the dude, then we go shopping. ALL THE SHOPPINGS! I’ll start with the balls, you find the nose! *waves a merry farewell*

Dresses from coldLogic by coldlogic
Boots from Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop
Makeups from Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Eyes (all four of them!) from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling
Lashes (and Jen’s jewelry) from Maxi Gossamer by…well hey, Maxi Gossamer
Naomi’s earrings from Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell (store is closed. le’sigh.)
Antlers from Clemmm by Clem Velinov
Naomi’s hair from elikatira by Elikapika Tiramisu
Jen’s hair from Exile by Kavar Cleanslate
Naomi’s skin from Mynerva by Rhapzody Wilde
Jen’s skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Poses from Embody by Lucie Bluebird
TARDIS from East Coast Custom Designs by Baku Jarvinen (former hunt prize, sadly no longer available)
Wintery wonderland (snow and all!) from 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie


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  1. daleinnis permalink

    I see what you did there! 🙂

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