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Freshly Squeezed!

by on May 17, 2013

Freshly Squeezed

Heya, Momma Dragon! You haven’t seen my left eyebrow have you? Last I spotted it, it was running off with a giant, hairy wildebeest and rambling on about elderberry wine and purple spotted elephants. Honestly, I’m a bit worried abo… Ooooooo look at you, nice corset! I think I need one of tho… OH WAIT! *peers down at herself*

I’m not even going to ask how you got yourself into that corset so quickly, Jen…but I’m glad you did, because now we can demonstrate to everyone how lemonade should be sold! This freshly squeezed goodness needs the dedication only creatures in corsets can give. And maybe along the way we’ll distract everyone from wondering where we’ve been for the last few months. I’m not entirely sure just what to do about that missing eyebrow, though. Did you ask that orange ostrich back there? He looks like he’s hiding something…

OMFG! FERDINAND! You get your feathered arse back here you foul fiend! I NEED THAT BROW! *grabs flamethrower and runs*

Hang on, Jen- oh, silly stepdemon. If you need a flamethrower, I’m right here! Just be careful not to set anything else on fire back there, okay?

That’s all for now folks! We wish you happy shopping! We’ll be back again soon, HONEST! *grabs her stepmother and runs* I’m gonna roast and toast those feathers!!!

(Disclaimer: While it may seem like we are off our rockers, the truth of the matter is we are completely freaking nuts. True story.)

Freshly Squeezed

Corsets from Deviance by Surreal Leshelle
Pose from !bang by Trieste Minuet
Lemonade Stand from What Next by Winter Thorn
Bustier from Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel

Jen wears:
Skin from Adam n Eve by Sachi Vixen
Hair from Truth by Truth Hawks
Eyeshadow from Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Lipstick from Essences by Inka Mexicola
Bracelet from Cae by Caelan Hancroft
Rose Wreath from Illusions by Siyu Suen
Mesh Hands from Slink by Siddean Munro
Pants from Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel
Eyelashes from Gaeline Creations by Gael Streeter
Eyes from Poetic Colors by Lano Ling

Tessa wears:
Skin from LAQ by Mallory Cowen
Hair from Dura by Chiaki Xue
Makeup Mock Cosmetics by Mocksoup Graves
Pants from Soul by Sln Cascarino
Eyes from Insufferable Dastard by Audrey Lamede
Eyelashes from Miamai by Monica Outlander


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